Support Programs

School Library featuring the Accelerated Reader Program

Our full-service library provides students with over 18,000 titles to meet various reading levels and interests. The Accelerated Reader Program (A.R.P.) is a revolutionary computerized reading enrichment program that has become an integral part of our curriculum for all students in kindergarten through sixth grades.

Accelerated Reader/Reading Renaissance Program

This exciting reading development and enrichment program is an integral part of the curriculum for all of our students. Students select books of personal interest from the school or class library. After reading the book, the student takes a brief 5-20 question comprehension quiz using the classroom computer. Individualized records are maintained on each student, which are used by the classroom teacher to monitor reading practice and encourage reading growth. Parents also receive regular reports of their child's reading progress. Over the past few years, many schools and school districts across the nation have adopted the Accelerated Reader Program as a means of addressing the need for more effective development of student reading skills and enjoyment.

Student Discipleship Programs

As a ministry of Harvest Christian Fellowship, we consider it our primary calling to lead our students and families into a close relationship with Jesus Christ. In Hosea 6:3 we read, "Let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord." Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ who possesses and imparts all knowledge and wisdom is our highest pursuit. Therefore, encouraging personal faith in Christ and the development of God-given gifts and abilities for Christian service is the cornerstone of our educational philosophy. Daily Bible curriculum, regular worship assemblies and chapel programs, and personal discipleship by our faculty and staff are some of the means used to accomplish this most important objective.


Special guest presenters are scheduled at various times, as well as seasonal chapels, throughout the year.

Monday Morning Worship Chapel Program

Every Monday morning all of our students attend a 30-45 minute Worship Chapel Program. This time of worship and instruction is a great way to start the school week!

Physical Education Program

Our highly successful Physical Education Program includes a wide variety of indoor and outdoor physical education activities supervised by a full-time P.E. Specialist and Assistant. Our students also participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Program. We have won many top awards from the Presidential Physical Fitness panel.

Intramural Sports Program

Our after-school Intramural Sports Program is offered to all jr. kindergarten through sixth-grade students. Students may participate in various sports programs such as soccer, basketball, t-ball, golf, track and field, and softball. The program is directed by our P.E. Specialist with parent volunteer assistance. This has been a very popular program with our families over the years.

Hot Lunch Program

A daily hot lunch program is available for all students. This program features nutritious and student-pleasing menu items. A computerized student credit system is utilized for purchasing lunches. Monies are sent from home and deposited in your student's account. Every time your student purchases lunch, the appropriate amount is deducted from their account. You will receive a notification when your student's account balance begins to approach zero.

Extended Daycare Program

H.C.S. offers a quality Extended Daycare Program for families who require such services. Morning Daycare is available from 6:00 - 7:30 a.m. and After School Daycare is provided from 2:45 - 6:00 p.m.

If you need to reach the school daycare classes directly, you can use the following phone numbers:

Direct Line 951.354.1388
Emergency Cell 951.710.7435 from 3:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Ask to speak to a daycare supervisor.

Summer Recreation Program

Harvest Christian School is once again offering a Summer Recreation Program to families that attend Harvest Christian School or Harvest Christian Fellowship. Our program offers a wide variety of fun and exciting activities designed to help students spend the summer months encouraging the development of their Christian faith and recreational fun.

If you have specific questions, please contact Jerry Escoto or Angela Kulpa through the school office at (951) 359-3932 ext. 186.

General Information [pdf]

Summer Rec Calendar [pdf]

The "Lion Paw" Positive Behavior Reinforcement Program

At H.C.S. our goal is to develop positive student behavior by rewarding students who set a good example for others. The “Lion Paw” Positive Reinforcement Program is designed to meet this objective. Students receive a “Lion Paw” card when staff members (i.e. Teacher, T.A., Playground Supervisor, Administrator, Office Personnel, etc.) observe the student displaying exemplary behavior. These cards may then be redeemed for various items at our “Lion Paw Store” which is located in the school library. As you might imagine, this program is extremely popular with our students!

Student Service Projects

Each grade level puts their faith-in-action by participating in three serving projects on campus and within the community.

Extra-Curricular Academic Activities

H.C.S. offers our students a variety of extra-curricular academic activities that include a Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, and Band/Theater performances.

Comprehensive Disaster Preparedness Program

  • Monthly disaster drills
  • Disaster preparedness emergency kits in every classroom
  • Qualified first aid teams
  • Emergency medical technician on staff
  • Ample food and water supplies stored on site

Parent Involvement

We welcome parents being involved on our campus. It is our desire for parent volunteers to be involved as much as possible. We feel that this strengthens the family unit and benefits the child, as well as the school. We offer many opportunities for parents to get involved. Below is a list of the different ways that parents are involved on our campus.

If you have more questions regarding the Parent Involvement Program, please contact Erica Serafin, Admin. Assistant/Parent Volunteer Coordinator, at 951-359-3932, or [email protected].

Here are just a few of the ways for you to be involved:

Room Parent and Parent Teams:
Their primary role is to serve the teacher and the classroom. Planning and attending all classroom parties and activities. This includes composing and distributing letters with party and activity details, making facility requests, and communicating with the parents.
Assistant Room Parent:
Their primary role is to work with the Room Parent to serve the teacher and the classroom. Planning and attending all classroom parties and activities. This includes composing and distributing letters with party and activity details, making facility requests, and communicating with the parents.
Teacher Help Workshop:
Their primary role is to serve the teachers and classrooms. They serve the teachers by grading papers, collating, cutting, etc.
Prayer Team:
Their primary role is to meet with the prayer team every Wednesday morning and pray for the school, our staff, students, and their families.
Morning Safety Team:
Their primary role is to help students out of their cars in the morning and to make sure that they make it onto the playground safely. Volunteers will be needed Monday – Friday from 7:30 – 8:00 A.M.

We are now registering all Christian families.

Spaces are limited. Enroll today.