Music, Art, & Technology


Harvest Christian School offers our students the opportunity to develop and enhance their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities in the fields of music, art, foreign language, and computer technology. These programs collectively fall under the umbrella of our "i-Innovate" program.


Flutophones: For centuries, music has been used as a fundamental educational enhancement which has proven to increase the students' creative and decision-making skills. Music appreciation is offered to all of our Pre-K through 2nd grade students. For our 3rd grade students, we offer weekly music theory instruction while learning to play and master the Flutophone.

Band: Our band program is geared for 4th – 6th-grade students who desire to learn the basics of playing a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. The school band performs for school assemblies throughout the year. Periodic performances in front of the entire student body give the band students an opportunity to not only demonstrate their musical talents but also increase their team-building skills and confidence level.

Choir/Theater: The Choir/Theater Program provides an opportunity for 3rd – 6th-grade students to learn basic vocal skills while singing in a choir ensemble. These students will be singing and performing in two musical theater productions in front of the student body where they will be able to demonstrate their vocal and stage presence skills.


Art: Harvest Christian School is partnering with the Elementary Art Smarts organization to afford our students in-depth art instruction taught by art professionals. Students will be creating pieces from a variety of art modalities that will be put on display to view and appreciate.


iPad® and Apple TV®: Every 1st – 6th-grade student will be issued an Apple® iPad® (a set of iPads are used in Jr. K and K) to be utilized in class in a multitude of ways including but not limited to: Access to curriculum, read digital library books, take Accelerated Reading Program quizzes, use the Jiji and IXL® Math Programs, complete homework and projects, as well as having access to thousands of educational applications. Every classroom will be equipped with an Apple TV® that allows our teaching staff to "mirror" their iPads on the classroom projectors to further enrich the teaching process.

Computer Lab #1: All students are scheduled weekly computer lab time for instruction by a computer instructor. Students will learn touch typing, basic word processing, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint skills. We also have programs that immerse the students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, as well as older students being exposed to website design, blogging, etc. … Students will also be exposed to a filtered internet where they will be able to boost their overall computer literacy levels.

Computer Lab #2: In addition to the lab resource described above, Harvest Christian School provides its student body with a second state-of-the-art Research lab giving students access to working with their classroom teacher to do research for book reports and research papers.

Classroom Computers: In addition to our 2 computer labs, all of our classrooms are equipped with a computer station consisting of a computer, a printer, and appropriate grade level software. These stations are networked to our computer lab and have filtered access to the Internet. They give students the opportunity to take ARP quizzes as soon as they have finished reading their library books.

Interactive Whiteboard Technology: All of our classrooms are also equipped with interactive whiteboard technology that allows the teachers to use their classroom computers as interactive tools. Information from software programs as well as live streaming via the Internet can be manipulated on the whiteboard to enhance and create a more inviting and exciting classroom learning environment. In concert with our computer stations and whiteboards, LCD projectors with DVD players have been installed in all classrooms. This technology enables our staff to utilize multi-media presentations and educational resource materials to enrich our curriculum and generate an environment where students are eager to come to class and learn the necessary and requisite skills in order to make a positive influence on the world around them.

Robotics Club: This is for all 3rd – 6th grade students, teaching robotics using Dash and Dot Robotics Program. They will become very familiar with the robotics world by leveraging exciting and easy to use robots and iPads, learning how to control and program at the same time.

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