21 Reasons That Make Us Different

Why choose Harvest Christian School over other schools?

  1. We are connected to a church with a very strong Biblical foundation for evangelism and discipleship. (Harvest Christian Fellowship with Pastor Greg Laurie)
  2. We have direct Pastoral oversight in the school for staff, parents, and students.
  3. We ensure that all of our staff are born-again Christians AND they attend a Bible teaching church on a weekly basis.
  4. We have weekly chapel meetings and use a spiritually rich Bible curriculum in every grade level.
  5. We have a highly qualified, credentialed teaching staff.
  6. Our class sizes are small for more one-on-one time between teachers and students.
  7. We use two very effective educational programs in every grade: Accelerated Reading and Step-Up-To Writing.
  8. Every 1st-6th grade student uses an Apple iPad (along with a class set for Jr. K and K) in a multitude of ways including but not limited to: Access to curriculum, read digital library books, take Accelerated Reading Program quizzes, use the Jiji and IXL Math Programs, complete homework and projects, as well as having access to thousands of educational applications. Every classroom is also equipped with an Apple TV that allows our teaching staff to "mirror" their iPads on the classroom projectors to further enrich the teaching process.
  9. We have a state-of-the-art 26-station computer lab that students visit weekly, along with technology-based classrooms with projectors, computers, audio-visual equipment, and interactive whiteboard smartboard technology. Our teachers use iPads and projectors in the teaching process. Students are also involved in S.T.E.M, robotics, coding, website design, blogging, and full-hand typing. We also have a Research Computer Lab that our students access weekly to learn how to properly research material online for research reports.
  10. We have high scholastic standards in that surpass state mandates.
  11. We administer the SAT10 Standardized Test every year to our 5th - 6th grade students to ensure that they are educated to the highest standards.
  12. We take at least 3 educational off-campus and on campus field-trips per year for each grade level.
  13. We have an award winning Physical Education Program with a certified P.E. Instructor and Assistant.
  14. We created the i-Innovate Program that is one-of-a-kind. This gives the students the opportunity to learn different art modalities. All of our third graders are taught music notation and flutophones weekly. We also offer after-school programs for students interested in sports, band, theater, dance, and cheerleading. See #9 above for more i-Innovate student activities.
  15. For Recess, Physical Education, and Sports we have an expansive gymnasium, new artificial turf field, and two play structures.
  16. We offer before and after-school Daycare, along with a hot-lunch program.
  17. Our parents can easily connect to their children's grades, homework, and school information in real time through our school management program called RENWEB. (Visit www.renweb.com for more information.) They can also view and pay for tuition, hot lunch, and daycare online from their computer or smartphone.
  18. We have a campus-wide armed security team for both the church and school.
  19. We have monthly Disaster Preparation Drills to practice safety and security.
  20. We utilize the Lead Teacher System where every class in each grade level is held accountable to ensure they are moving at the proper educational pace.
  21. Our 6th grade is set-up similar to a Jr. High School where students transfer between three different teachers during their day to prepare them for what's ahead.

We are now registering all Christian families.

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